Darrel Miller

Darrel Miller is a Program Manager at Microsoft, working on developer tooling for the Microsoft Graph. Focused on all things HTTP, Hypermedia, HttpClient and Web API.

Centralized Exception Handling Using A ASP.NET Web API MessageHandler

ASP.NET Web API 2.1 introduced some significant improvements to the mechanisms that support global error handling. Before this release, there were a number of different types of errors that would be handled directly by the runtime and there was no easy way to intercept these errors and add your own custom behavior.  The standard guidance suggests …

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Back To My Core

I’ve spent a large part of the last two years playing the role of a technical marketeer.  Call it developer advocate, API Evangelist, or my favorite title, API Concierge, my role was to engage with developers and help them, in any way I could, to build better HTTP APIs.  I have really enjoyed the experience …

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302 – Found

After an interesting summer of working on OSS projects, doing a keynote in Australia at DDDMelbourne, and getting ever closer to finishing that Pluralsight course, I now have a new role to sink my teeth into I have joined Microsoft as an API Evangelist.   That means if you are building HTTP APIs, my role is to try and help.  Whether you are …

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