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  • Don't Design A Query String You Will One Day Regret

    When writing the Web API book, we decided that there was no way we would ever finish if we tried to address every conceivable issue.  So we decided to setup a Google Group where readers of the book could ask for clarifications and ask related questions.  One question I received a while ago has been sitting on my to-do list for way too long.  The question from Reid Peryam is about query resources.  This is my answer. Continue reading...

  • Constructing URLs the easy way

    When building client applications that need to connect to a HTTP API, sooner or later you are going to get involved in constructing a URL based on a API Root and some parameters.  Often enough when looking at client libraries I see lots of ugly string concatenation and conditional logic to account for empty parameter values and trailing slashes.  And there there is the issue of encoding.  Several years ago a IETF specification (RFC 6570) was released that described a templating system for URLs and I created a library that implements the specification.  Here is how you can use it to make constructing even the most crazy URLs as easy as pie. Continue reading...

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